Useful Console

Useful Console

Since we’ve already taken a dive into the console with tar in this issue, it might be useful to pass along some other interesting and helpful console commands. These are some of my favorites:

cp [copy]

ls [list the contents of a directory in short format]

ls -l [list the contents of a directory in long format]

rm [remove]

rm -r [remove recursively]

rm -rf [remove recursively, forced (no confirmation prompts)]

uptime [displays the runtime since the last machine reboot]

clear [clears the screen]

df [displays free space on all partitions]

du [displays the used space on all partitions]

This is just a bare minimum command list. There are, literally, hundreds more in Linux. As always, these commands (and all others) are made more useful by adding options. Where’s the best place to find and understand options? Simple. Type in the word “man” followed by the command in question. This will display the built-in manual pages for each command, including all the available options.