If I could distill my love of Linux down to one single element, it might easily be the world-wide community of users
and the open and helpful spirit that often accompanies it. The quickest path to that community is the newsgroups.
You’ll find hundreds (if not thousands) of users in the comp.os.linux newsgroups who have encountered and solved any
problem you may run up against 24/7. Like any community, the newsgroups can be boisterous, contentious and
irritating. They can also provide an immediate solution to a pressing problem.

Pan can be your doorway in Linux to that open spirited community. A newsreader loosely based on Agent and Gravity,
Pan is at once powerful and easy to use. Pan has such indispensible features as subject and text searches, replying
by email, filtering, offline storage and searching, and sortable threading. Regular expression matching, multiple
connection management and flexible keyboard bindings round out a fully advanced feature set.

If you’re an experienced newsgroup user familiar with Outlook Express or other Windows-based news readers, Pan will
be one of the easiest adjustments you’ll make in the Linux world. If you’re new to the world-wide newsgroup
community, Pan is the perfect introduction.