The Great Distro Review

The Great Distro Review has begun. I’ve looked through your questions, started downloading the isos and other files, and have run two evaluation installs. I even got an email from the folks at 8Wire with some useful distro comparison tips. Tonight, I’ll wipe my current home distribution clean and start in earnest installing, reviewing, installing, reviewing. I’ll miss my customizations for a few weeks, but, hey – what’s life if it’s not an adventure? Look for the reviews and other pertinent info in the Penguin Shell GnomeREPORTs next week.

8,000. Does that number mean anything to you? Let me say that as of today, there are at least 8,000 Gnomies with a proclivity for certain lovable creatures from Antarctica – with shells! Simply amazing. It doesn’t quite match Furo’s 11,000 single-day record, but we don’t have to be broad – we’re deep 😉

We received some email this week from several readers who found their Penguin Shell in a nearly unreadable format. As soon as we learned about the problem, Chris, Jake and I put our heads together to figure out where the problem originated. The general consensus was that it had something to do with our Lyris server. Chalk it up to operator headspace on my part. I’ve been using KEdit to compose the bulk of Penguin Shell. I’d set the font a few months ago and had inadvertently set the character set to iso-8559. That caused havoc in a few mail readers. If you’re reading this cleanly, the problem’s been solved.

Now … Mandrake, Suse, Debian … which to install first?