Clear Skies

The skies were incredibly clear last night. Standing on my light polluted driveway, I could see whisps of the Milky Way running from the north to the south. Saturn stood high, glimmering like a single white grain of sand in a vast black desert. Through the thin breath-clouds condensing in front of me, Vega, Deneb and Altair were a familiar navigator’s triangle, slipping further to the west for winter. The birds go south, but the stars have a seasonal migration track all their own. I was glad to be doing what I do.

My inbox was full for the nth day. Praise, a bit of playful scorn, helpful words, and good wishes accompanied my morning coffee like no fine pastry could. Tips, hints and links slowed me during a hectic afternoon, just long enough to take a breath and find the smoother waters. Even though my own words were frugal and tough to pull from the thin air of morning’s early hours, I was glad to be connected to a community – a living and vital organism in and of itself.

As tough as the past few months have been, we’re safe – just as, deep down, we knew we would be. It’s important to recognize that. Whether that comfort arises from a sense of self or a sense of community is irrelevant. We’re here, we’re safe and I’m glad.

Enjoy the company of those you’re with tomorrow, even if you’re by yourself. You will, I’m sure, have a great Thanksgiving.