More Lilo Configuration

More Lilo Configuration

Like nearly everything else in Linux, your Lilo configuration can be completely customized to meet your needs. In this, the second part of our Lilo configuration series, we’ll look at a few more lines of the /etc/lilo.conf file and show you how these can be tweaked for your particular system.


These three lines are the next three in my lilo.conf file. The first line, as we’ve already seen, is the default resolution for the lilo boot screen. If you haven’t already made this change to your lilo.conf file, you should know that it holds a few surprises. With the resolution set higher, there’s room on the boot screen for a small image of Tux, the Linux penguin. This image pops in by default when your boot screen resolution is set to 791. On my Mandrake laptop install, it also changes the boot screen from a text-based to graphical version. With the trademark light blue Mandrake background and yellow star, it’s a much more pleasing boot screen to behold.

The second line determines which operating system will be your default. In other words, if you use Lilo as your boot loader and take no action at the lilo screen, your computer will automatically boot into the operating system denoted by this “default” line.

Finally, the third line gives your system direction as to which keyboard layout to use. In this case, the map for the US keyboard is located in /boot/us.klt.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at three more lines in /etc/lilo.conf file, helping you along the road to configuring your boot process in exactly the fashion you’d like.