Books and Clicks

Books and Clicks
Unearthed by Marcel

“I just want to put my word in for a good book to review. If it isn’t
on the list I think it’s well worth a look. Marcel Gagnes’: “Administrating
Linux” (of Linux Journal; “Cooking With Linux” Fame). Don’t be fooled by the
title, it’s great for newbies and old salts alike. Great way of presenting
the information.

“Also an issue which I believe is worth exploring is stock security settings
(out of the box) and included security features (like the Bastille script,
and personal firewall II), as well as what tools may be included in the
set-up routines. I’m sure people would like to know about what happens in
the basic workstation/server default installs or whether there’s any
wresting involved in hardening their box. You could do a Nessus
audit on a “typical install” and see what comes up.
….Particularly due to the events of late.”