A Great Tuesday

I’ve decided that people really only do three things for a living: a) build stuff, b) sell stuff and c) provide some service. It’s amazing, or maybe sad, that it took nearly forty-one years for me to figure this out. But, as I was trowelling grout into wall tiles yesterday, talking to my temporary boss and permanent friend Justin, I realized that working construction is, at its core, not so different from programming. It’s all about building stuff. We just have a wildly different set of tools and a different environment in which to work. Justin’s environment includes hammers, saws and lots of wood. Mine includes computers, code and lots of email. So, go ahead – click the link. I’m sure he’ll see the humor in a brief glimpse into my work environment!

We’re lining up even more distros for review in Distro II. We’ve had no small amount of discussion regarding one of the possible new entries – Lindows. The beta has been released and I’m working on securing a copy for evaluation. I’ve seen some preliminary reviews and received mail from some readers who’ve seen it. Everything I’ve read is very positive. It may quickly find its way to the top of the stack in Distro II.

And, we’re continuing on today with the shell scripting series. We’ll take a critical look at the script from yesterday and add another useful script. Hopefully, you’ll be able to build on your scripting knowledge day by day this way. But, if I’m getting way off the mark, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Have a great Tuesday.