Saying Goodbye to a new found friend

Today I get to say goodbye to a newfound friend.

Libranet has been the best of surprises in Distro II. Personally, I like most surprises, but surprises of the Linux variety are especially sweet. With little name recognition, it was hard to tell coming into this review just what to expect from Libranet. Nothing about this distribution has disappointed me or even surprised me in a way that was less than exciting.

First, we looked at the installation. Though text-based, it was laid out logically, provided ample information to make reasoned installation decisions, and found my curmudgeonly hardware without exception. The lone drawback to the install process was the need to switch CDs several times. That, in light of the rest of the install, seemed insignificant.

Security was top-notch. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is to new Linux users, especially those of you with always-on connections. Linux users have, for the most part, had a pretty good ride from system invaders. We’ve fared very well in comparison to our bigger counterpart from Redmond. But as the popularity of Linux continues to increase, it will continue to grow as a target for cracking. It’s important to start with a secure system. That leaves you a bit of breathing room in learning how to further harden your computer against those with evil in their hearts. Libranet provides that system, even in the default install configuration.

xadminmenu was a joy. By consolidating some of the most mundane and/or difficult administrative tasks into a simple GUI interface, Libranet has created a distro-specific winner. It’s another plus for new Linux users, and another reason to recommend Libranet without hesitation.

Finally, Libranet has made available all the office, multimedia, productivity, and entertainment tools you’ll need to reach top speed quickly. If you’re transitioning from Windows to Linux as your full-time OS, this is as easy as it gets.

So the Libranet review ends with a wholehearted endorsement. If you’re looking for the stability of Debian without the headaches, Libranet is your distribution. If you’re a new Linux user, there’s simply nothing about this distribution that you’ll find intimidating – install, security, tools, and apps are all geared toward moving more desktop users to Linux. On a scale of 1-5, Libranet easily rates a 4+.

That’s the toughest part of these reviews; moving on to the great unknown from a system I truly like. But we’ll do that starting next week with a review of Caldera Open Linux.