OpenOffice 1.0

OpenOffice 1.0 [67 Mb]

Jacqueline McNally

In the words of the OpenOffice press release:

The 1.0 office suite features key desktop applications —
including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing programs —
in more than 25 languages. In addition, 1.0 works
transparently with a variety of file formats, enabling users familiar with
other office suites, such as Microsoft Office and StarOffice, to work
seamlessly in the application. The 1.0 software runs stably
and natively on multiple platforms, including Linux, PPC Linux, Solaris,
Windows and many other flavours of Unix. is the largest open source project with more than 7.5
million lines of code. To date, more than 4.5 million downloads of earlier
versions of 1.0 have taken place. With the release of the
1.0 version, the community expects that number to grow
significantly as businesses and individuals around the world explore the
free alternative to proprietary office suites.

This suite has been a longtime favorite, and it just continues to get better.