Gnome 2 – Part II

Gnome 2 – Part II

We’re looking at Gnome 2 over the next few days. It’s been touted as the next generation of Gnome. We’re going to put it to the test, from the installation and configuration to its actual day-to-day use.

Gnome 2 consists of a substantial number of packages – 60, in fact to completely upgrade from previous versions. If you’re on a dial-up, you’re in for a long process in getting all the essential packages. For some, this alone might prevent you from upgrading. The largest of these 60 packages is the libgtkhtml-2.0.0.tar.bz2 file, weighing in at a hefty 133 Mb. It is the biggest by far, with most running in the neighborhood of 12 – 20 Mb.

If you have a fast connection and the perseverance to download the full 60 packages, you’ll find them all here. I took roughly 45 minutes to get the full set, though I wasn’t completely focused on the downloads. I did let some complete without starting others, which increased the total time.

Once you’ve finished the downloads, the installation guide becomes critical. The first element of the guide is the build order. These 60 files need to be built in the order directed, or you can’t possibly stand a chance of a successful overall build. My build of these packages varied only in that I chose the tar.gz files rather than the tar.bz2 files.

If you’re uncertain about using bz2, there’s a good ,a href=”” target=”_blank”>tutorial at LinuxHeadquarters. Or, if you prefer the .tar.gz files, you can get a little brush-up on untarring and un-gzipping files in this previous Penguin Shell issue.

We’ll come back tomorrow with a look at some of the substantive changes in Gnome 2 0 – assuming, of course, that your install was successful.