Lockergnome’s 10 Quick Steps To Stopping Pop-Up Ads

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In this new audio book, network radio host and Internet expert David Lawrence shows you, in 10 quick steps, the most effective way to stop pop-up ads, how to shield your machine from prying eyes on the Internet, how to disable the pieces of Windows that pop-up ad spammers use against you, how to handle pop-ups generated by legitimate means, what to ultimately do about pop-ups that come in e-mail and more.

And David reveals why getting legal can stop pop-up ads.

Learn the easiest ways to keep porn away from your children… the 5 system enhancements that cause the most pop-ups (and how to get rid of them)… the two most useful pieces of Javascript you can have at the ready… and why using generic “pop-up blocking software” is a crucial mistake. [ Available in MP3 Format for $20 / Download ]