Working on SCO-fighting Media Kit

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a SCO-fighting media
kit. It’s up now, at… also, be sure to read the responses –
folks have pointed out some other interesting links as well.

This week heralds the return of the distribution review series.
I’ll do Lindows this week, Xandros next week (if I receive the
materials in time), and then I’ll probably cover Gentoo, Debian,
and Slackware in a different section (other than GnomeEGGS), since
they’re not necessarily distributions for beginners.

Other than that, here in BC, Canada, it’s tinder-dry with no rain
clouds in sight. All you people elsewhere who are stealing all of
our usual rain, we’d appreciate it if you’d send it back! Our
rainforest is burning in 900 different places!

Digitally Yours, 
Dee-Ann LeBlanc