Getting your email to work on the road, Part II

Getting your email to work on the road, Part II

When people are on the road, they may or may not want to have to deal with an email client. After all, if they’re not taking a laptop or are using someone else’s machine, this could end up a real pain. One way to deal with this issue is to offer Web-based email, otherwise known as Webmail.

A popular tool for this purpose is Squirrelmail. This one is starting to come with a variety of distributions, such as the current Red Hat Linux beta. It’s written in PHP 4, offers both IMAP and SMTP support, and outputs information in HTML 4.0 with no fancy widgets like JavaScript that can cause problems for end users. If you have people who travel a lot, they can even store address books and sort their mail into folders.

In addition to both RPM and DEB packages, the site also offers a variety of Squirrelmail plug-ins, including spam filtering tools.

Alternatives (free and commercial) include the IMP Webmail tool for Apache, Courier, DMail, Recipemail, SuSE Linux Openexchange Server, and webcrossing with the proper plugin.

Have a favorite webmail solution or email service tip or trick? Send it in, and I’ll share it next time!