The RSS Saga continues

I have stated time and time again that the RSS revolution will be decided by the newbies. It appears that I am not the only one that believes this.

Today I would like to introduce a service called Quikonnex. Their mission is to empower both content publishers and readers with tools that anyone can utilize. Their main focus is on publishers specifically; showing them how to get the most from their content via RSS. Quikonnex makes the process of generating and distributing feeds as easy and painless as possible.

Benefits for the content readers:

In addition to standard aggregator features, you have the ability to leave special IM messages for the content publishers.
The program is free to use.
Begins to set a standard between user and publisher.

Benefits for the content publishers:

Easily create RSS channels without programming skills.
Integrate any type of media you wish into your feeds.
Offers subscriber support.
Tracks your subscriber numbers.

A gripe that I would like to see rectified is to have some feeds pre-installed. This gives the newbie a chance to try things out before learning how to add new RSS feeds themselves. Looks great otherwise, well done Quikonnex.