Kevin Kelly Says To Bring On “Revolution OS!”

Kevin Kelly suggests that you might quite enjoy swapping time behind your computer monitor for eighty-six minutes in front of a television screen in order to feast your senses on a little gem of a movie called Revolution OS. In his words:

“Two themes that normally don’t intersect in true films come together surprisingly well in this simple documentary: history and the last five minutes. Revolution OS explores the significance of trendy open-source software by going deep into its short history, acting as if open-source technology was a world-changing event of such magnitude that everyone will someday demand to know how it began. Which they probably will. Here is the film they will show later this century. The stress in on the political, not the technical. No drama, either; just clean geek history of a big idea when it started out small.”

Oh, you’re just going to watch the DVD on your laptop, aren’t you?