Cut and Paste Curses

When a Gnomie is wrong, the best thing to do is admit it. That’s just what I was last week:
Wrong! I reported to you that Ctrl-V copies text into the buffer, quite unlike the Windows
action, which pastes it. Well, in KDE and Gnome, the action does the same as in Windows –
it pastes. Ctrl-C is the command to copy. Ctrl-V pastes. How that got past me, I don’t
know. But the bottom line is that it was incorrect! Furthermore, I *also* reported to you
that Cut and Paste does *not* work between KDE and a Win4lin session. Wrong again! It does!
Sorry about that, folks. I don’t claim to know everything, which is why I depend on my fellow
Gnomies to keep things on an even keel. I’m always open to feedback and suggestions, so you
know where to reach me!

Next week, we’ll be discussing scheduling tasks via the GUI. Anyone use
Kcron? If so, what do you schedule?
For now, though, let’s get on with the current newsletter (already in progress)!

Happy Linuxing,
Steve Lanpher