“Hi, this is Dave from Customer Service, and I’m calling about the installation of your DirecTV,” the recorded pitch began. “We have you marked down for installation with three receivers, at no cost.” Once again, I had run to the north side of the ranch to pick up the phone, and once again it was a telemarketer. A recorded telemarketer.

This one took the cake … complete with rustling paper sound effects.

Funny thing is, we already have a dish (we’re on our second). We’ve had DirecTV since the very first months it was offered. But still, we get call after call hawking the service. I guess it costs them next to nothing to call, but I wish we could get our number out of their predictive dialer.

Honestly, I love my DirecTV. Okay, so maybe love is a strong word. I really like it. With DirecTV we have tons of options. We’re not stuck watching the channels that our local cable provider offers.

With DirecTV we can sit around swilling Carlsberg in our soccer replica jerseys watching English Premier League games, hang out in our Rat Fink shirts watching Monster Garage, eat buckets of popcorn while watching a dozen different variations of HBO and the Disney channel, or fall asleep while the late night mesothelioma lawyer commercials play into the wee hours.

One of our recievers (the original) has been acting up lately, tho. Something else to replace. … to make it more fun, we might go with the Tivo-equipped model.

On a side note, I’m not sure what I think of the Comcast / Disney deal, just yet.