Payday Loan Pt. II

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how my eleven year old daughter had received an offer for a payday loan. I thought that it was preposterous that anyone would offer a payday loan to a kid. Today, her mailbox has an offer that promises that “Uncle Sam Can Help You Get A Better Home.”

Even better then a payday loan, eh?

The offer screams, “Free Money for Real Estate!” It’s a come on for Best Selling New York Times Author, Matthew Lesko’s report which purports that there are “4,000 Little-Known Government Money Programs That Give Out Grants, Direct Payments, And Other Free Money For People to Buy Their Dream Home or Become a Real Estate Investor.”

Maybe I should buy my daughter the report so she could earn enough money for college … if she made enough, she would never consider a cash advance payday loan. But there are plenty of people looking for a payday loan online, no matter if they’re in New York, Chicago, Canada or the military … folks just seem to want that fast payday loan, whether it’s for $500 or $1000.

Faxing is an issue, too. Folks are looking for a no fax payday loan in droves. Why they need their cash advance payday loan with no faxing, I’m not sure. Maybe they can’t afford to go to Kinko’s to use the fax machine?

I can’t really recommend one payday loan company over another. If you need a loan until payday, and you need your payday loan quick, just look around … and check out all of your options.

The ads scream, but what do they really cost? Before you sign on the dotted line, check out this information on payday loans.