TRITTON T-NAS Network Attached Storage

“The TRITTON NAS is an external 120GB hard drive that connects to into any network via a CAT5 connection and can be shared by ALL users. Use the NAS unit as a Media Storage Solution to back up your movies, music, photos and data to one central location. No need to leave a computer on to share files, just store it to the NAS and access it anytime. Unlike having to leave a computer on the NAS draws much less power. With an easy to use browser interface for administration, the TNAS120 can be integrated quickly into any network. While other NAS solutions currently exist, they are unaffordable to the SOHO market.”

That last sentence really says it; with this unit, NAS technology is finally within reach of the home user or small office.

[Update: I own one of these and besides having hideous AppleTalk support the unit completely failed to power up after 3 months of operation. Avoid like the plague. Jason DeFillippo]