You receive an “Unsafe removal of device” error message when your computer wakes up from standby in Windows 2000

When your computer wakes up from standby, you may receive the following error message:

Unsafe Removal of Device

You have unplugged or ejected a device without stopping it which can cause your computer to crash and lose valuable data.

Please use the hotplug icon in the status bar to safely remove devices before unplugging them.
This problem may occur when all the following conditions are true:
You have Microsoft Windows 2000 installed with any Windows 2000 service pack.
Your computer has a universal serial bus (USB) 1.1 hub installed.
You use a keyboard with a built-in USB 1.1 hub.
You connect a high-speed USB device such as a CD drive to the built-in USB hub on your keyboard.
To work around this problem, do not use the keyboard’s built-in USB hub. Use an ordinary USB hub, or connect the USB device directly to the computer’s USB port.”