Another War in the Works?

Are wew facing another VHS vs. Betamax or DVD-RW vs. DVD+RW? Wired seems to think it likely. At stake are the usual billions of dollars as Wi-Fi providers and cellular phone companies fight for customers.

There’s a reason why they’re so confident of an upcoming war- the real estate at stake is super-high-range broadband access to the Internet.

Wi-Fi on Steroids Heads for U.S.

By Elisa Batista | Also by this reporter Page 1 of 1

02:00 AM Apr. 16, 2004 PT

Broadband One Networks plans to introduce a wireless data service in September that would give high-speed Internet access to laptop-toting businesspeople roaming miles away from the nearest antenna.

Broadband One, a San Diego startup, will introduce the service in Bozeman, Montana, a college town tucked away in the south-central part of the state. If the service does well there, the company plans to offer the service in other parts of the country.

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The only thing that appears to be a stumbling block is cost. In Australia, where the service is already being rolledout in the Sydney region, it costs a minimum of $1,067AU to get set up and running. Then another $157.95AU per month.

Not many people in this country will be likely to shell out that kind of cash for wireless broadband. I suppose that prices might be less as time goes on, but that’s way above two-way satellite access.