7 Reasons to Use generic.A9.com

Search Inside the Book ™: In addition to web search results we present book results from Amazon.com that include Search Inside the Book. When you see an excerpt on any of the book results, click on the page number to see the actual page from that book. (You will need to be registered [and logged in] at Amazon.com.)

Adjustable Columns: Simply drag the boundaries between the columns either to the left or the right to change the width of the different result sets (web, books, history). You can also close any column at any time. The next search will remember these new settings (if you allow cookies). This feature does not currently work on all browsers (but we’re working on it!).

URL Short Cuts: At A9.com you can search directly from the browser URL box by typing:


Search History: All your searches at A9.com are stored on our servers [if you use http://a9.com/. Do yourself a favour and use http://generic.a9.com/] and shown to you at any time from any computer you use. Clicking on a link performs the search again. You can hide the window at any time. You can edit your history, for example, to clear an entry.

Click History: If any of the web search results include a site that you have seen before, it’s marked on the result. We even tell you the last time you visited that site.

Site Info: Place the cursor on one of the Site Info buttons to see a lot more information about that site without leaving the search result page.

Web Search: Web search results are provided by Google.”