Delpart.exe tool removes NTFS partitions

I just spent another wonderful hour using Microsoft’s “excellent” search technology trying to locate the Windows NT 3.1 Resource Kit. Of course I couldn’t find it, but why was I looking for such old software? Because the Delpart.exe tool, which is mentioned in several Knowledge Base articles, is the only tool Microsoft has ever released that will delete an NTFS partition and was only released in that Resource Kit. If your computer gets hacked, the safest way to recover it is to delete the partition(s) (you have at least one even if you only have a C: drive), recreate them, and reinstall Windows. And since XP’s default install is on a NTFS partition, there are more folks than ever who will be needing this tool. Luckily, I remembered where MS buried it – on their FTP site. You can get it here:

Copy and paste the address into the address window of your browser and press Enter – then right click on RESKIT.EXE and choose ‘Copy to Folder’ to download it.