Symantec Sheds Light

I’ve reported on this before-

Symantec Goes to SEA with On and PowerQuest

Symantec Corp is looking to make use of the systems and storage management technologies it acquired with On Technology Corp and PowerQuest Corp in 2003 through its expanded Symantec Enterprise Administration business unit.

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But, this article defintely sheds more light on the rollout of Symantec’s acquired software. What is glaringly obvious, at least the way I read the article, is that we’d all better forget about PowerQuest’s former products and things that always have been Symantec’s. like Ghost, and start searching for a viable replacement. The name Acronis comes to mind.

Symantec’s repurposing of the whole lineup to aim at enterprise markets makes it unlikely that any of us mere mortals will be able to #1) Afford the new software, and #2) Find somewhere to buy it retail.

It’s a great shame, because PowerQuest’s tools, at the least, have become darn near indispensible over the years. Having run into some rough edges and problems with Acronis products in their earlier versions, I’m hoping that they now have solid and stable software to offer.

We’re going to need it.