Automobile Donation

Automobile donation is still a possibility for the moribund 1992 Honda Civic that’s sitting in the driveway. I first became interested in the idea of automobile donation back in February, when old faithful was covered in snow. With 185K on the clock, there are two clear choices: either donate the car or perform a massive rejuvenation effort. While the automobile donation route would be easier, the rebuild would certainly be a whole lot more fun.

Television shows like the Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage and MTV’s Pimp My Ride provide a huge amount of inspiration here at ranchero indebto. So while I’m intrigued by the altruistic and tax benefits of automobile donation, I’d rather take a flight of fancy with the Civic. I want to build in a killer Windows MP3 server (with gigabytes of storage to spare) and swap out the tired old motor for something with a good bit more oooomph. The idea of wiring in a Wi-Fi connection and replacing the 125 horsepower mill with a 170 HP Japanese Domestic Market unit has that hot rod blood racing through my veins.

Automobile donation sounds like a great racket. These folks come to your place with a wrecker, you sign some papers, and they haul your old ride away. When April 15th comes around, you get to claim a deduction on your taxes. Or so they say. I’m still wary of automobile donation … no doubt that some of the schemes are legitimate, but many others seem sketchy at best. If it’s a recognizable charity, I’d be much more inclined to check it out. But some of these charities are quite a bit out of the norm. (As if I’m not!)

A little known Danny Geekbooks piece of trivia: I broke into my writing career by self-publishing a newsletter about Suzuki 4x4s, way back before the day that Al Gore invented the Internet. That newsletter helped me nail my very first authoring gig, Inside CorelDRAW, in the days of Windows 3.0. Since wrapping up that newsletter (without rolling the Samurai, thank you), I’ve longed to get back to writing in the automotive arena. A piece about pimping Mom’s ride would be perfect.

So there are many ways to justify the Civic’s pimpification. I’d love to document the whole process of the engine transplant and installation of the MP3 server. Now if I could weasel some sponsorship out of Chris, I’d plaster huge Lockergnome logos across the hood and flanks. Just imagine Chris’ happy cartoon face screaming through the traps at Raceway Park at 150 MPH!

Now if that doesn’t beat the idea of automobile donation, I don’t know what does … 😉