No more Gnubies?

A few years ago when I got back into personal computing there were web sites, newsletters and forums galore, all geared toward the new home computer user market, and mostly based on the Windows operating system. Almost all of them were aimed at the totally clueless, and that was good, as most home users were at the time. As time went on, the gang of the clueless grew smaller and smaller, thanks in large part to the success of those sites and newsletters. As users grew more knowledgeable, their need for “newbie” information disappeared. The newsletters and web sites that continued to prosper had to write content aimed at a more aware reader. Those that still offered only help for beginners suffered declining readership and many simply became 404 pages.
Now I’m beginning to see the same phenomena in the Linux community. The big difference is that there is a much broader range of user experience in our community than in the Windows one. So while a portion of Linux users yearn for more substantial offerings from their favorite sites, there is still a large number of those new to Linux, who need solid. basic information on this different operating system. Yet many of those sites are having a hard time staying alive. New users don’t know where to find them, and the more experienced among us no longer need the content they offer.
I’ve been using Linux nearly exclusively (come on, Macromedia, please port Dreamweaver over to Linux…) for only a little over a year now, so I still consider myself a newbie (gnubie?). My good fortune is to have a lot of friends who not only use Linux, but are willing to share those hard to find gnubie sites with me. So I’m going to return the favor by taking my next few entries here to share those sites with you. If you can’t use their content, pass the URL along to someone who can. I bet we all know someone new to this wonderful world. And if you know of a site I should mention, feel free to drop me a line and pass along the address. I’ll credit all the suggestions I get.
Tomorrow we’ll check out the Linux Gazette.