Quest for a New Keyboard (Part 3)

After a lot of just sitting and thinking I’ve finally made my decision about which keyboard is going to be on my desk.

As much as I hate to say it I’m going to buy another Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite.

I did try out the Dell keyboards at work but I noticed I fatigued (got tired of typing) a lot faster than I did at home. I did enjoy the feel of the keys on the Dell keyboard though.

I attributed the increased fatigue to the fact that the Dell keyboards weren’t ergonomic (or split key). When you throw all non-ergonomic keyboards out of the running you’re really only left with a handful of “wired” ergonomic keyboards.

I appreciate everyone’s help and advice but every other keyboard out there is crap in my opinion. I might be on a quest for a new computer in the next couple of months so check back soon.

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