Report: A Wild Ride, Folks!

Wow, what a wild week! (Seems like I have been saying that a lot lately, huh?) Things keep plugging along with one major exception: a new business venture in the family. My parents, who both still work full time, are in the process of buying a business. The reality however is that neither of them has time during the day to manage the operations and keep an eye on things in general. Well, this is where I come in. Since I have run two successful businesses in my life, I have been asked to lend a helping hand. At first I told them it was impossible with my repair business and my duties here at the Gnome, but then it hit me! What if I could run my business from the store while overseeing general operations? While at first this must seem insane, let me explain why this can work.

We are already keeping the employees (one being the manager), so my duties will be mostly upgrading, marketing, and other miscellaneous tasks. This means that I am able to have set hours that I will work on my Lockergnome duties, involve myself in my repair business, as well as get to work on that book I am slaving away on.

To me, the benefits seem self-evident. For one thing, I will be setting up wireless Internet access for customers to enjoy while they patronize our establishment. (I’m a geek, sue me!) This way I can sit comfortably outside and greet folks as I work on whatever project I might be in the middle of at that moment from my notebook PC. I will also have the ability/time to implement some ideas that I have used in the past to get this business bumpin’! I really think it will be an exciting little adventure. I do realize however, the vast amount of work that is involved. After all, I did have a business before my PC repair biz, ya know.

So what the heck is it? What changes are you going to make to get this to become a central hub for the residents of Bellingham? Well, let me be the first to say that no matter what I do, it will remain a small business. So it is important for people to understand that it is not going to be anything that warrants national press coverage. With that said, I will be responsible for helping to implement changes to this business that the likes of Western Washington has never seen before. It will be a wild ride, folks. Calm, efficient, and cost effective, but a wild ride, nevertheless. What business am I referring to? I can tell you it is not a restaurant, but I still can’t tell you what it is, either (yet). However, for those of you who live in Western Washington, keep an eye on the local newspapers. You will hear about it when the time is right, as will the readers of IT Professionals. ;o)

Let’s get digital,
Matt Hartley