New Mac Purchase

Doing my part to boost Apple’s profits, I recently cajoled the wife into allowing me to buy a new Mac laptop. OK. I didn’t really have to cajole her.

I wasn’t unhappy with my 15′ PowerBook 550, but the battery was failing, and I wanted something with a little more horsepower. Word and or Entourage were causing the fan to kick on with a fair degree of regularity. Plus it was well past time I upgraded from 10.2 to 10.3.

So we visited the local Apple store, mainly because I wanted to see it, not because I anticipated I’d walk out with a new laptop. But it turns out I was more impressed with the 14′ iBook than I anticipated I would be. I had been jonesing for a new 15′ PowerBook with the backlit keyboard.

And ever the fiscal conservative, my wife liked that it cost substantially less than the PB.

It seems she also liked that with my student discount, and the rebate, the 15 Gb iPod we got with the package was a nice premium. (It’s her iPod, btw. I still have my older, non-dock 20Gb iPod.)

And I know it’s probably been covered to death, I can’t say enough about Apple finally getting printing on the Mac right with OS X 10.4. I never was able to get my Mac to print to the printers hanging off my Win2K box using 10.2, but 10.3 is a different story.

And odd as it seems, it feels a little more comfortable typing on the iBook that it ever did on the PowerBook. Part of it is that sharp edge on the new *Books. For my money, the most comfortable laptop I’ve every used was the used G3 Wallstreet I bought used four years ago. With an external FireWire drive, It makes a smashing addition to my home stereo, btw.

Now…what to do with that PowerBook…I’m thinking database/file server…