3 Opinions on 60GB iPods

With the release of the 4th Gen iPod yesterday, Apple choose not to announce a 60GB model. In an interview, Greg Joswiak, Vice President of hardware product marketing at Apple, said that no 60GB models are planned. If there is no 60GB version then were are all the HD’s that Apple is ordering from Toshiba going too? OR did Apple tell Toshiba no thanks after they leaked the news??

One opinion on the matter, comes from MacWorld’s Jason Snell. He thinks that if not a 60GB iPod, maybe they are for the new G5 iMac, or maybe a new gadget that’s on the horizon.

A second opinion comes from MacDailyNews’ SteveJack. He thinks that Apple is riding the press wave giving the impression that the iPods are really cheaper, when in reality they are just updates (bigger hard drives); or maybe they are waiting for a big announcement at the Apple Expo Paris, which starts August 31st.

My opinion… Maybe Apple is hitting back at Toshiba for leaking news the news that Apple placed an order for Toshiba’s new 60GB? Remember folks, Jobs’ doesn’t take things lightly when someone leaks a product release… remember the ATI snafu?… I bet they are just waiting for two reasons: 1) Wait and see how the new 4th Gen models sell, 2) Waiting for a large enough supply of Toshiba, or other brand of 60GB HD to ship in mass.

But who knows… Only Apple.