Detour gets face lift

MacCentral is reporting that Rogue Amoeba has updated their Detour app. Detour (now 1.5) is an app that allows users to re-route sound out put from specific apps like “iTunes or DVD Player to external speakers, while routing other apps audio to your Mac’s built-in speaker.”

The new version included a revamped user interface and a “MenuExtra” for easy access to Detour’s settings, as well as other bug fixes.

My take: I’m always listening to music via headphones (can’t disturb the other members in the house); and many of the songs that I listen to are quiet, which requires me to turn iTunes up a bit… There is nothing more annoying when Entourage or another app tries to get your attention via a LOUD sound. I use Detour to re-route a number of apps to the built-in speaker on my tower… it’s a lifesaver!