Report: QuickBooks Quickly

Sat through one of those QuickBooks seminars today, and we’re going back for round two tomorrow. I can’t say that it’s the most intuitive program on the planet, but that beast seems to have evolved since last I saw it. At least now we can e-mail invoices instead of having to rely on FAX, that trusty ol’ printer, or Mr. Mailman. QuickBooks is pretty much mandatory for serious small businesses, and there are very few usable alternatives out there. My accounting skills are next to nothing – unless you count working with spreadsheets for all those years (which, I’m sad to say, probably doesn’t count). I’ve built a few basic formulas and used a few rudimentary templates, but no heavy lifting. Accounting is probably best left to the numerical geniuses out there. That said, we ultimately decided to bring simple activities in-house after reviewing one of our firm’s invoices wherein we were charged ~$100 for an e-mail response. Wow, I really picked the wrong line of work! I love those folks over there, but not *THAT* much. For day-to-day stuff, we’ll manage with the software on our own (and the help file). If you have any logic skills, QuickBooks isn’t terribly tricky. Sure, it would help to know how the world of finance works, but Intuit made 2004 pretty simple for even the smarter computer dummies.

What I can’t believe is how they targeted every industry but the electronic one! Yeah, they offer a QuickBooks Online, but you can’t even import data from other online sources through it. We had to go with the more powerful desktop edition (QuickBooks Pro), and that’s what everyone else seems to know and recommend. The choice is no choice. To stay in business, you need the right tools – and the best tool for the job today happens to be QB. I’m certainly soon gonna have a better idea as to what’s working and what’s not within this little ol’ company. Sometimes, I’d prefer not to know; culpable deniability is a beautiful thing. I just hope that I don’t start dreaming about decimal places and floating forms. Yeah, have you ever had the dream where the number five keeps chasing you through a hall of mirrors? Me neither, and I hope it never happens. I’m more of a “word” guy, and that’s what I’d choose to be for the rest of my life. I swear, I’m dyslexic when it comes to numbers. I can’t tell you how many times I failed math tests because of transposed digits or improperly carried remainders. QuickBooks purports to keep me on the path. “Purports” – now there’s something you don’t hear every day. Ever heard an accountant use that sucker? Didn’t think so.

Yours digitally,
Chris Pirillo