Squirrels Under The Hood

Need a solid, configurable solution for webmail? Look no further than SquirrelMail.

I turned to SquirrelMail for free, Web-based e-mail for students at the high school I used to work for, and I put in place again for customers at the ISP I work for now. Both times it met – and in some ways exceeded – my expectations. To my surprise, even my national webhosting company put it in place for its customers.

SquirrelMail is written in PHP and uses IMAP on the backend. It’s quick and easy to install, and the available plugin modules provide for countless configuration options. If there’s a feature you’d like to see that’s not implemented and you know PHP, the source code’s all available so you can contribute it yourself.

It’s not just for remote access to an office or ISP network, either. If you’ve got a broadband connection to your Linux box at home, there’s no reason you couldn’t configure your box so SquirrelMail can access your home mail. That way, rather than checking different ISP and work mailboxes while on the road, you can get it all by hitting your home box, and then it’s all there for you when you get back.