Classic Gaming Expo – August 21st & 22nd

Looking for a place to trade that “Shark! Shark!” cartridge from your Intellivision collection? Personally, I think you’re crazy. I wouldn’t give up that cartridge if one hundred babies’ lives depended on it. However, if you are looking for new paddles for your Atari 2600, or finally want to make that investment in a Vectrex, then you may want to check out next month’s Classic Gaming Expo.

The Classic Gaming Expo, now in its seventh year, is the world’s first and largest event paying tribute to the people, systems and games of yesteryear. The 2004 event is slated to be the biggest event yet! The show will open in San Jose at The San Jose Convention Center on August 21st and 22nd. For up-to-date information check out the official Classic Gaming Expo website.