Nintendo DS News – New Design and Features

CGN News today announced some news (see article) about the upcoming Nintendo handheld device, the Nintendo DS. For those of you that can survive those perilous trips outside the house without the aid of a video game supplement such as the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, the Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) is the newest handheld offering from Nintendo. Nintendo has dominated the handheld gaming market for well over a decade, rolling over every and any company that tried to capture even 10% of its market share.

Tired of the one tiny screen on your Gameboy? Fear not. The Nintendo DS features TWO tiny screens! Imagine playing Legend of Zelda and not even having to press “start” to access your inventory screen or map. Can it get any better than that?

Also featured on the new DS is the latest in audio gadgetry: a headphone jack. This allows users to actually plug in a standard set of headphones so that they can listen to the game’s soundtrack without the aid of an adapter. What will the think of next?