Report: Using Google For Evil?

Yep, Chris is still on his birthday vacation (we miss him as much as you do!), so today’s guest reporter is none other than resident Gnomie Matt Hartley!

Watching The Screen Savers as I often do, they had a guest on the show who was explaining just how easy it is to get sensitive information about various Web sites from the Google search engine. This guy was showing off poorly-concealed passwords, hidden directories, and a whole lot more. As much as I would love to give you some better links to the content covered with these hacks, G4TechTV does not have any of the links up yet! (Get with it, people!) I can, at least, give you the link to a Google hacking Web site.

“I’m Johnny, I hack stuff.” A strange introduction for a Web site, to be sure. However, ol’ Johnny does appear to have Google hacking down to a science. Start out by looking at the search querys that are being used at Johnny’s site. Heh, who needs TV when you can track down passwords and scour for (poorly) hidden Web pages not meant for the public eye? Google, the gift that keeps on giving! ;o)

Let’s get digital,
Matt Hartley