Commander V Binoculars

“The new Steiner Commander V Binoculars are not night-vision equipment, despite claims that nighttime images are “so brilliant, it’s almost like turning on a spotlight.” Instead, the “Nighthunter” optics deliver a high rate of peak light transmission (96%; a record, they say) that means these military-spec binocs transmit as much available light as possible into your own orbs, making the most of ambient star- and moonlight. Built-in autofocus with memory means you can recall settings from previous viewings instantly, and an integrated compass shows you what direction you’re looking. Although there’s nothing saying you have to use them to skipper a boat, a water-resistance tested up to five meters means they’re more than suitable for the purpose.

Of course, I’d hope most $900 pairs of binoculars would be.”

FULL STORY via Gizmodo