Digitally Converting Memories

Q: I have a large collection of home movies on VHS. What I would love to do is convert the videos to DVD. The problem is that I don’t have the time to undertake such an enormous project. Are there any services that will do this for me?

A: You just gotta love home movies. There’s nothing like having video of you in the tub at two years old to haunt you forever. VHS was great in its heyday, but times have changed. Your VHS tapes may have slowly deteriorated since they were first created, which is a sad thing when you consider the amount of gut-busting family awkwardness that has been captured. Instead of just letting your memories disappear, it’s a good idea to transfer the video to a newer medium that is more compatible and has a higher quality. The answer: DVD. As was mentioned, it’s hard to even find time to relax these days, so the thought of doing this yourself can be overwhelming. If you’d rather just send the tapes off and have someone else do it, you’ll find plenty of services that are willing and able.

Here are a few different companies that I uncovered. Look into these services to find what fits your needs and budget.

Do you crave even more options? If so, a simple search for vhs dvd transfer will yield plenty of results.

Your children will despise you for giving these embarrassing moments even more longevity, but when they grow up, they’ll appreciate the video of them trying to shove a baseball bat up their nose.

[Brandon Watts]

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