Imminent Doom 3 Release

With the release of Doom 3 just a couple of days away, gamers and gaming news sites worldwide are hopping up and down making curious incoherent babbling noises in anticipation. A couple of sites have reported on a rumour that Doom 3 is being released today or tomorrow, and go on to spoil everyone’s fun by pointing out that that’s just when gaming retailers receive the game, and that it won’t be going on shelves until the official release date. You can read Gamespot‘s post on the subject here.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss could be about, there’s a 40MB trailer available to set off your salivary glands. Bluesnews posted a substantial list of places where you can get it, but if your muscles are too atrophied to go to that site and have a look around, you can get the trailer from here, here or here. And if you’re looking for someone to murder in preparation for the game, IGN are boasting about how they got their advance copy running on this page.

Don’t you think it would be funny if we all got our filthy hands on the game after all this and it turned out to be unplayable crap? Don’t you think that would be funny? I think that would be funny. I would set up a deckchair outside Activision‘s main office and laugh as the riot began.