Tecmo continues pandering to the lonely

Lots of interesting gaming news stories abound today, but this is the one I think was funniest, and therefore most valid. Gamespy reports that Tecmo is releasing a pretty blue Xbox in Japan as part of the release of Dead or Alive Ultimate, which apparently takes the series away from softcore porn beach sports and back to the well-trod territory of smacking people about. As well as the Xbox and the game, buyers will also receive a type S controller, a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live, and (here comes the funny part) an inflatable cushion.

Yes, an inflatable cushion, about human sized, adorned with pictures of the Kasumi character, clad scantily. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my left eyebrow climbing up my forehead in suspicion.

You’ve got to admire Tecmo, I suppose. A lot of games have pretty female characters who certain gamers fantasize about boffing, but only Tecmo have gone so far as to address those gamers directly, releasing (a) a game featuring little besides the female characters jiggling about in bikinis, and (b) an obvious sex aid. Only in Japan, folks, only in Japan. And I mean that literally; there are no plans to have this promotion in any other country. Boo!