Creator of Lara Croft joins Crystal Dynamix

A post on Slashdot brings the news that Toby Gard, who left Core Design after the creation of the first Tomb Raider game, has joined US developers Crystal Dynamics as a senior designer. Crystal Dynamics is the company to whom the Tomb Raider franchise was handed by Eidos after it felt Core wasn’t doing it justice, so hopefully Gard will be able to use his magnificent Tomb Raiding brain to help maintain the integrity of the Lara Croft games, i.e. sliding block puzzles, find key to open door puzzles, and more sliding block puzzles.

Toby Gard is credited with the invention of Lara Croft, which brings to mind an image of a fellow standing behind a graphic artist, shouting “No! Draw bigger breasts! Bigger than that! Skimpier clothes! I want this character to pitch tents in the trousers of every geek from here to San Jose!”