Crucial Enters The Enthusiast Memory Market

As if the competition wasn’t enough, Crucial went ahead and introduced their Enthusiast line of memory products. We know Crucial as one of the leaders in the system memory line area; they are one of the best in the business. I have personally used their value select series quite a few times and I have seen other manufacturers rely on Crucial’s memory quite a bit. This is only because Crucial has a tendency to produce high-quality modules at affordable prices.

The new enthusiast line of Crucial’s Memory is called “Ballistix.” First of all, these companies must go through a similar product naming system to get these names. The letter “X” seems to relate to “Xtreme,” somehow, as almost all companies want to use “X” to indicate their extreme line of products.

The first thing I noticed about the Ballistix, after its name, were the vibrant yellow heatspreaders. Of course, I am more concerned about the performance numbers rather than what the memory modules look like, but if you are a modder I can definitely say these modules will get some attention from your fellow computer users. You can read the full analysis of the PC3200 (DDR400) performance analysis over at AnandTech. They have done an excellent job outlining the features and the performance numbers of Crucial’s new line of enthusiast memory.

What will make the results even more interesing is the fact that Ballistix modules use Micron ICs (memory chips) instead of the highly popular (at this point) Samsung ICs. Even with the new Micron chips, which I have never heard of before, these modules can easily go above 500MHz speeds at very low timings. I really like the idea of tight timings, but I am not sure I am 100% convinced with the whole price point.

The price is reasonable compared to what some manufacturers are charging for their ultra low-latency modules, but it could still be lower :). I must say that I am very impressed with the overclockability of the new modules, all thanks to the new Samsung and now the Micron chips. It is amazing to see how once a dull and boring market is reaching new heights so suddenly.