Speaking of Serif

And we were – because Serif Print Shop will only accept files from a Serif product. Now who would have guessed that? But, Serif’s selection of Publishing/Design applications are worth checking out.

Draw Plus is Serif’s vector based drawing program. I think I’ve owned a copy since version 2, and they’re up to version 7. I use it for both print design and web design. Usually I’ll do a site layout in Draw Plus and work from there – export the layout elements from Draw Plus, do some final editing in Pain Shop Pro, and then bring it all together. It is one of my ‘core’ design programs.

Page Plus is their publication layout program. It overlaps with Draw Plus a bit, and I don’t use it as much. I tend to use Draw Plus for ‘single page’ publications – flyers, posters – and Page Plus only when I’m doing something that needs text flow capabilities. I don’t use it often, but when I have, it worked fine for my needs.

I tried Photo Plus once and decided to stay with Pain Shop Pro. I’ve played with some of their other programs, but either didn’t have a need for them, or didn’t like them. I’m tough of software.

The price tag for their programs is moderate – $100 for Draw Plus, $135 for Page Plus – but here’s a secret. On my desk is an offer to get Page Plus 9 for ten bucks. Not bad huh? They give pretty deep discounts to their customers. And you can even got some of their older software for free.