In the Background, a Man in the Gaming Forefront

Free registration is required to read the article. “It has taken four years, but the creators of the Doom video game series have finally reached the next level….Todd Hollenshead, Id’s chief executive, and Tim Willits, the company’s lead designer, are traveling in Europe and Asia, attending conferences to promote the game. But Id’s enigmatic co-founder and technical director, John Carmack, decided to stay behind at Id’s headquarters in Mesquite, Tex., near Dallas. Press tours are not for him. “Some programmers work well feedbacking,” Mr. Carmack, who will turn 34 later this month, said in a telephone interview from his Texas office. “I just like sitting here and programming.” It is chiefly Mr. Carmack’s programming that has led, over more than a decade, to a series of breakthroughs in the way computers graphically render believable environments and characters. He has been largely responsible for making those characters appear to move convincingly through three-dimensional space while interacting with much of what they encounter.”