PiXPO v1.5

Private, encrypted peer-to-peer sharing of photos is the future of picture albums. PiXPO provides the future now with one-click photo album creation, effective searching of high resolution image libraries in private or public albums, and controlled management of sharing permissions. P2P photo sharing changes the way we let distant relatives see the new baby, provides safe access to sensitive photos, and offers an interactive component not available traditional Web photo publishing. PiXPO users can create public or private photo albums and share instantly without selecting, resizing, or uploading images; all steps required in other photo sharing methods. Sharing an album requires just three clicks: 1. choose an album; 2.choose a person to share with; 3. share the pictures. PiXPO provides the user with the unique ability to create an album and simply grant access to selected people to view their pictures. Access to the albums is instantaneous across an encrypted share keeping photos safe from unwanted eyes. To use the private sharing feature beyond the 30-day trial requires registration. For free sharing, PiXPO is free. [3.81M] [Win9x/2k/XP] [$29.95] [DOWNLOAD]