The Cool Things That Gnomies Write

Lockergnomie Dan Grigsby: “I’ve got a new free, non-commercial service. This one is an Internet Explorer add-on called Recall Toolbar. It’s in beta. It works as a personal search engine of the sites you’ve visited. I decided to build this because I find that as I go through my day I see Web pages that I would later want to remember, but wouldn’t know at the time. It’s a better browser history! Recall Toolbar creates a local (i.e., on your hard drive) index of pages when you visit them. No information about the pages you visit ever leaves your computer. It’s a personal search engine that helps you instantly find that needle that you’re trying to find again in the haystack of pages you’ve already visited.”

Lockergnomie Jerry Berg: “Chris, I have read your comments about people not knowing what you have been doing or thinking you have gone away. That is far from the truth. You have done more changing and improving in your Lockergnome stuff than all other newsletters combined. I do not know where you get all your ideas but they are very neat and you should continue with the improvements. Being a marginal old ‘techie,’ I don’t get into all the details anymore but I sure enjoy all your various channels. Keep it up, we enjoy your efforts.

Lockergnomie Mark Wise on Why Dual Partition Images Are Old School: “A single partition for everything means that any temp file, any variable file, any OS file that gets corrupted can destroy the partition. I’ve worked with Windows since WFW. Numerous times I’ve had the Windows C drive fail (WFW thru XP) and require a restore. But if all my programs and data are located in D drive, much of the damage is contained to the OS. As far as rebuilding the Drive C partition, a simple boot from CD and run setup will reconstruct the OS as it was prior to the crash without having to recreate everything. I then import the registry I have saved in Drive D, along with my \Windows backup and the system is back in operation.

Lockergnomie Wayne Van Andel: Have been an avid follower of Lockergnome for several years now. Even though I’m in IT making me a “proponent of change”, I always find it hard to adjust to changes in something I’ve come to depend on thru thick and thin like Lockergnome. Consequently I was having trouble adjusting to the latest changes. However when you said that this would allow Lockergnome to build on a successful financial plan I was won over. Seems like we all are struggling with the current economy, and if this new Lockergnome keeps you guys growing I’m all for it. You’ve become a role model for this industry, and when you’re happy it helps to keep the rest of us happy. Keep up the good work!