ERUNT – The Emergency Registry Recovery Utility NT

Freeware. “With the invention of Windows 95 Microsoft made the wise decision to organize all computer- and application-specific data which was spread over countless INI files before in a centralized Windows database, called the system “registry”. The registry is one of the most
important parts in every Windows system today, without which the OS would not even boot. And since the registry is quite sensitive to corruption, it is very advisable to backup its according files from time to time.”

This utility allows you to back up your registry on a windows NT 3.51, 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP computer. Although Microsoft has built this capability into Windows XP, they ‘forgot’ to with NT and Win2K – so you should download it and install it if you’re using these earlier Windows versions. Back up the Registry any time you install new software, update Windows, or make significant configuration changes that you want to keep.