Penguins in space

TechNewsWorld is reporting that NASA has chosen Silicon Graphic’s Altix as the foundation of Project Columbia. This will be a collaboration between SGI and Intel to foster scientific brealthroughs in space exploration, global warming research and aerospace engineering.

NASA will use twenty 512-processor Altix systems with 500-terabytes of storage to create the Space Exploration Simulator, thus producing one of the world’s largest Linux OS-based supercomputers. “The NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility will be able to handle such critical projects as simulating future space missions, projecting the impact of human activity on weather patterns, and designing safe and efficient space exploration vehicles and aircraft.” The complete array should be finished within months. According to the article, “NASA is not the only entity to embrace Linux for supercomputing needs. In the May edition of the TOP 500 Fastest List, which measures the speed and dominance of the world’s supercomputers, Linux was represented on over half the list. “