TimeTrax- when you need to get XM radio into MP3

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these, then you really need TimeTrax even if you don’t know it. The XM PCR is a satellite radio that connects to your PC via a USB connection and costs about $50. TimeTrax pulls your XM radio streams and converts them to MP3 so you can transfer them to you PDA or even, iTunes.

From the TimeTrax web site:

“Using TimeTrax, you can now record directly from your XM PCR radio onto your PC’s hard drive in WAV or MP3 format. Using TimeTrax’s 10-event scheduler, you can time shift programming. Is there a concert being broadcast at 2:00 am that you really want to hear? No problem, use TimeTrax to record the concert and listen to it at your convenience! Your favorite talk show on during work hours? No problem, using TimeTrax, you can listen to it when you get home!…

More than just a digital recorder, TimeTrax records individual songs! Instead of being left with one large MP3 file containing an hour’s worth of music, TimeTrax divides it up into individual named MP3 files, each containing precisely one song. Each MP3 file is named with the artist and song name, and its ID3 is written with the same information. Leave TimeTrax recording overnight, and in the morning you will end up with a directory full of several hundred MP3 files, each perfectly cut and edited!”

I have a feeling this might not be available for long so you might want to grab this soon.