Latest Distro Releases

Nico / SAM-Live-linux 0.6

” SAM 0.6 released on 14.08.2004. Since v0.5 you can install SAM to your hd, it is even possible to make your own live-cd from SAM. There are no Gtk1-applications anymore, all now is Gtk2. I switched back to the Mozilla Suite (1.7.1) with the calendar and mail enhancements. Also there are newest versions of Gimp (2.0.4), Gnumeric (1.2.13), Gaim (0.8.1)… More tools and games are added (Gnome Commander, Gnome-ppp, Flobopuyo, Barrage, Xmahjongg…). Because of installed “shorewall” and “iptables” you can now activate the Firewall trough the Mandrake Control Centre. More informations and changelog at .” Download: sam-0.6-040813.iso (209MB).

Release: Yoper 2.9.2

” This candidate has many new options, including advancements in the install process (multi language support. home directory support), many new programs, as well as keeping with Yoper’s cutting edge efficiency and extremely fast install times. This release is flagged unstable as it is our testbed for our stable releases. ” Download: yos-i686-2.9.2-3.iso (694MB)

Gnoppix 0.8

” Gnoppix is a free operating system, with the gnome desktop environment, features cryptographic software, is compatible with the FHS v2.2, and supports software developed for the LSB. Gnoppix 0.8-Series comes with Gnome 2.6 and Kernel 2.6.7, C++ 3.4, egroupware, Openoffice, see filelist for details. A full Mono Develop environment is also included. Now we have a nice GUI Installation tool, you can install Gnoppix with 7 clicks to your Harddisk. Gnoppix comes with 23 bootable languages.” Download gnoppix_0.8.iso (698MB).